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1. All public entries have screened comments by default. Including this one. Being someone of a private nature, I don't like it when details of my life slip carelessly into comments made on public entries. Also, I don't like dealing with shit-stirrers unless I'm feeling particularly dickish that day and want a good punching bag. Finally, there are some people on my friends lists who don't necessarily want to spread certain aspects of their lives around in public comments.

2. 99.99999% of all my entries are friends-locked, and some of those entries are themselves filtered. You don't get to pick which filters you're on unless I offer you a decision or you comment telling me you want to opt out of a certain filter. In other words: Don't message me asking to be put on all my filters ever because we are such omg bffs and I can be ~totally open with you~. No, really, don't.

3. I am an angry, queer atheist who has a particularly jaded view toward the Mormon faith and who is all for radical shit like abortion and the legalization of drugs. If you can't deal with that, why are you even here?


[Public] Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Inception - This Way UP
Today is November 20th, the official Transgender Day of Remembrance. It is the day when trans people who have been murdered this year are remembered and honored by those still living.

Today is a day for reflection and awareness. It's an especially somber day for me, relieved that the man I love is not a name on the list of the dead, and dreading that this next year will see even more names added to that list -- names of people who are rejected and reviled by society simply because of who they are.

When one hears about the trans people who have been beaten, shot, raped, mutilated, dismembered, and burned to death, it's easy so think and say that you don't support people who react violently to trans people.

But how often on every other day do you crack a "tranny" joke, or mock someone's appearance because it doesn't necessarily conform to your idea of gender? Do you feel that trans people are just "going through a phase" or "being weird"? Do you feel that a trans woman is not actually a woman but a man in a dress and heels? Do you think that a trans man is only a woman with a short haircut and a tie? Do you think that those who do not fit within the gender binary are just "acting out"? Do you refuse to refer to the trans people in your life by their preferred name and pronouns, or do you only refer to them using their preferred name and pronouns when they are witness to your conversation? Do you think that trans people are disgusting? Deceitful? Dangerous? Perverts? Do you quail at the thought of a trans woman in a women's bathroom?

If so, you are lying when you say that you don't support violence against trans people. Violence against trans people isn't some aberration in the system, it is a direct result of the sort of dehumanization that this phobic way of thinking perpetuates. When you strip someone of their humanity by stripping them of their identity, you rob society of compassion toward that person. When society has no compassion for people, those within that society feel justified and unruffled at refusing those people basic rights and dignity, and even violently, brutally killing and maiming them. By refusing to honor someone's gender identity, you are supporting violence because you are supporting the dehumanization of that person.

Think, today, about those whose lives have been trampled and ground into the dust by a society that views them as trash -- but think, too, on what can be done to change society's views. Start by educating yourself and changing yourself to be more compassionate and respectful toward those who are human, just like you. Because you are a part of society, just like I am, and nothing about that society will change if we don't change first.

Writer's Block: What's under Snape's cape?

Obey the Siamese

If you could cast one type of magic spell, which would you choose, and why?

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Probably all of them, whether or not they wanted it, because government-sanctioned sexual assault is totes awesome!

EDIT: Before you get confused, the above answer was written in response to the original Writer's Block question today, which was: "If you were the TSA at Hogwarts, which Harry Potter character would you pat down, and why?" LJ magicked it into the question you see now, but I'm leaving it up for the sake of posterity. The "lulzy" title of the question has not changed in my subject header.


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lol idk

I'm sure they can be terribly . . . witty in the morning.



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Ho-dee-ho-dee-ho, sir.

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